What's left - Altered clip board


I had an old clip-board which I used many years ago and later my daughter used it for sometime with her school work. However, finally, it was on a corner of my craft space and I decided to alter it and make a piece of art.

First, I layered some craft papers, recycle tissue papers and book papers to get some extra texture on the board.

My art studio


Last month, I was finally able to set up my art studio in a corner of my house. It was actually my attempt to "uplift" my craft space, as my action for One Little Word - March prompt.

My vision board for 2013


For the month of February we are working on vision boards. Ever since I watched the film The Secret I have fell in love with the idea of creating vision boards. So, this was a fun project for me.

One Little Word - 2013

I hope many of you all have heard about the ONE LITTLE WORD class by Ali Edwards. So, in 2013 I am going to take her class and I thought it will be a good way to keep me focus into what I really need in the new year. And the word I chose in UPLIFT.
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